Marion’s Story
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Marion’s Story

Marion’s Story

“Alternative Cancer Treatments Do Work – One Family’s Story”

By Marion Snow

A few years ago my husband and I wanted to know if alternative cancer treatments really worked. We wanted to hear from people who had used alternative treatments for their cancer, what did they think about it, what did they go through, what kind of results did they get from using alternative cancer treatments?

If you or someone you love has cancer and you’re wondering if alternative cancer treatment might work for you, the story of our experience with alternative treatments may help.

My husband’s doctor had informed him that he had cancer and not long to live. Nobody wants to hear that they have cancer, we were both devastated.

The doctor wanted him to start chemotherapy as soon as possible but my husband had seen firsthand what that was like and he didn’t want to go through it. A couple of his friends had gone through chemotherapy treatments in their battle with cancer but neither of them had survived and they had both been in a lot of pain from the treatments.

We had heard that there were natural, alternative cancer treatments that work well for many people so we started searching for as much information on alternative cancer treatments as we could find in hopes of finding a cure for my husband’s cancer that wasn’t so harsh.

We found an alternative cancer treatment program that called for a change in diet, fresh juices and a lot of herbs. Intensive cleansing was a large part of the cancer treatment too.

Other people told about their results with the alternative treatments and it looked promising.

Everything we read about alternative cancer treatments appealed to my husband a lot more than the horrible side effects of chemotherapy.

So we got everything we needed to start his alternative cancer treatment program and dug in. There were guidelines for what to do and what not to do and we followed it all. There were several things he had to give up and things he had to do that he’d never done before but he was ok with that if it would help him get well.

I made herb teas by the quart every day. We got our first juicer and as much super nutritious, fresh fruits and vegetables as out refrigerator would hold and my husband drank gallons of fresh juice. He did the cleansing every day as instructed and took herb bath soaks and hot and cold showers.

We went into the alternative cancer treatment program whole hearted and have been doing everything as instructed every day. It’s quite a life changing experience when you add natural stuff to your diet and routine that you never considered before. At first it seemed strange but we were faced with life or death so we were willing to try anything.

My husband had been really weak from the cancer but the alternative cancer treatments have gradually made him a lot stronger and now he can do almost anything he could do before. His doctor says that whatever this alternative cancer treatment thing is that he’s doing to keep doing it, it’s working. The cancer was huge but the alternative cancer treatments have shrunk it to almost nothing.

Even after the cancer is gone we’ll still do all the healthy stuff; he’s made the alternative cancer treatments a part of his life. We’ve heard that cancer can seem to be gone and then come back but he doesn’t want the cancer to take over again so he isn’t taking any chances. Doing the alternative cancer treatments every day is a bit more trouble but it’s well worth it.

I encourage you to try alternative cancer treatments for yourself; life is precious.

By Marion Snow

Marion Snow is now an advocate for natural health and healing. Check out her favorite resources for natural cancer treatments here –



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