Kristie’s Story

Kristie’s Story

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“How I Detoxed my Body and Healed My Throat  Infection and Skin Rash Naturally!”

By Kristie Reeves

I think the first time I encountered how alternative medicine could heal was when I was 11 years old. I had just lost my Grandfather who had been operated on for an ulcer. His conditions worsened after the first surgery and he had to go back to the hospital for a second surgery. And passed on shortly after that. The doctors told us, there was nothing they could do.

Those words stuck with me and ever since I refused to accept them. At eleven years old, we used to have swimming classes every Monday morning and go from there right to class, often not having enough time to dry our hair; which is not a good thing in the wintertime living in Germany. And every week I went through the same drama: swimming lesson on Monday, terrible throat infection by Tuesday or Wednesday. Visit the MD and get a prescription for antibiotics. Skip swimming class for a week. Go back the following week and start all over again with the throat infection and antibiotics.

After three rounds of that and the throat infection coming back a fourth time, my MD told my Mum that she would put me on a higher doses of antibiotics (I had become immune to the one I had been taken), and if that didn’t help, admit me to a hospital to have my tonsils taken out. I was very lucky having a mother who refused to accept everything the doctors told her. So she took me to a holistic ear and throat doctor who put me a homeopathic medication. I had to take four drops of an immune strenghtening homeopathic medication every day over a certain period of time; and the throat infections didn’t come back despite me returning to swimming classes on Monday mornings.

On top of it I found out later, that the tonsils are guarding our immune system and helping to fight off viruses and bacteria from coming in through the mouth. Taking them out actually weakens the immune system. Years later when in college, I had a skin rash that started on my legs. Three MDs couldn’t figure out what it was. The rash kept getting so bad, that I couldn’t even sleep at night anymore. I would wake up every two hours and put cold bandages with Bach flower remedies around it, because all the creams the doctors had prescribed weren’t working. I finally also went to a dermatologist who took one quick look at it and told me it was neurodermatitis. And that I would have to take cortisone cream for the rest of my life. That diagnosis left me so mad that I threw out the prescription. I never used the cortisone. I had also never believed in incurable treatments. And after my experiences as an eleven year old, wasn’t really fond of hard drugs in the first place.

In the meantime, my mother had heard of a naturopath close to my hometown and made an appointment for me. On the first visit, the naturpath found out that my rash (which in the meantime had spread all over my legs and my face as well, my eyes were swollen and I could barely see; I honestly looked like a monster and didn’t even want to go out) was a high grade pentachlorphenol poisoning. Pentachlorphenol is a chemical that is being out into plywood. My college had just gotten a new hardwood floor and the PCP was in the wood they used.

The rashes came because my body was trying the get the toxins out of it. My kidneys and liver had been on overload from the huge amount of PCP in my body and couldn’t do the job by itself. So my skin kicked in as the biggest organ in my body, pushing the toxins out. The naturpath said that I was lucky that I had refused to take the cortisone cream. Be cause if I had used it, the toxins would have all gone back into my body and I would have developed diabetes and asthma. She put me on weekly session with bioresonanz therapy. And regular fragrance free body lotions. No drugs. Nothing. After 6 weeks the rash was completely gone and never came back. So instead of being on cortisone for the rest of my life, and having to take drugs for all the side effects that cortisone will cause, plus eventually developing diabetes and asthma, my body was healthy again.

Now I also know that the sicknesses I encountered in my life were connected to my emotional life as well. I was really unhappy in college, didn’t like the school I was going to. Was constantly sick, then got the pentachlorphenol poisoning.

It was my body the whole time telling me to get out of that school and be happy again. The moment I changed schools, all the little the illnesses I had encountered over the two years I was at the college I resented so much, went away and I could be healthy again.

I learned my lesson at that time. Now when I get sick, I always ask myself “What is going on in my life? what is my body trying to tell me?”. Usually the moment I find that out, learn my lesson and make the required changes, my body heals itself.

I am very blessed to have a cousin who is a naturopath and who I can confide in; who believes that nothing is incurable. Who believes in the amazing miracle our body is and its ability to heal itself once we take away the toxins on a physical and emotional level.

I am very blessed to have come across a healing modality called ThetaHealing; it has truly taught me that with the help of the Creator we have the power to change our lives and thus heal. Nothing is incurable! It is only our beliefs and outdated teachings that tell us so.

Visit Kristie’s web site Avalon Healing for more on ThetaHealing.



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