How Chris Beat Cancer Naturally
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How Chris Beat Cancer Naturally

How Chris Beat Cancer Naturally


Chris-Wark-Cancer-MasterWhen Chris Wark was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer he had surgery. Then his doctors told him, “If you don’t do chemotherapy, you’re insane.” Chris went against their advice and healed himself naturally through herbs juicing, prayer, and a raw vegan diet. Check out his story. So inspiring!

Despite what doctors may have told you, you have options. You have the power to transform your health. If I did it, you can too!” 

In His Own Words

Wark-Family-Photo-2012-scan-2I’m currently wearing about 8 hats…
I’m a husband, father, real estate investor, musician, chemo-free cancer survivor, blogger, health coach, and public speaker.

How do I do it all? I have no idea!

The cliff notes version of my story:
In December 2003 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. There was a golf ball sized tumor in my large intestine and the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. It was two weeks before Christmas and I was 26 years old.

The oncologist told me I was “insane” but I decided against chemotherapy after surgery.

After prayerful consideration I radically changed my diet and did every natural non-toxic therapy I could find.

I started a blog in 2010 to share my story and everything I’ve learned about nutrition and natural therapies for cancer. I didn’t expect it to blow up, but it has.

Fast forward to 2013
Ten years later, by the grace of God, I’m still alive and kicking and in the best health of my life.
My wife and I have two beautiful daughters, Marin (8) and Mackenzie (5).
I thank Him every day for my life, health and healing.

You are probably here for one of three reasons:  

1) You have cancer, and you don’t like the options you’ve been given.

2) Someone you care about has cancer and you want to help them.

3) You want to transform your health and reduce your risk of ever developing cancer.

Whatever your reason, you’ve come to the right place! The information I’m sharing here saved my life. And the good news is these principles are holistic, they don’t just apply to cancer…
The human body is Intelligently Designed to heal itself, and given the proper nutrients and care, it will.
Despite what conventional doctors may have told you…

Your body can heal.

I’m not going to give you pseudo-healthy tips like:  “Follow the food pyramid, eat a low-fat diet, count your calories, drink diet soda instead, use artificial sweeteners,” etc. That kind of lousy advice is the reason so many of us are sick now!

What you’re going to get from me is Hardcore Health Advice:
The absolute healthiest way I know to live, which is how I beat cancer.

Despite what doctors may have told you, you have options.
You have the power to transform your health.
If I did it, you can too!

For more on Chris’s healing journey visit his web site at!



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