Recover from a Bad Pap Without Surgery

Recover from a Bad Pap Without Surgery

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Recover from a Bad Pap Without Surgery

by: Allison Melody

For most women the “bad pap” is a dreaded harbinger of bad news. Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death for ladies all around the world. A pap smear detects abnormal cells on the cervix and rates the severity of their abnormality with a score: CIN1, CIN2, CIN3 or cancerous. Abnormal cells are also called dysplasia. If precancer is found, or CIN3, most doctors will suggest a cone biopsy, a routine surgery to remove part of the cervix, or in some cases they will advocate a hysterectomy, the complete removal of the uterus, cervix and part of the vagina. Although this may sound barbaric, these blunt, overused cure-alls are the staples of modern medicine, even though they often leave women unable to bear children and contribute to widespread female infertility and miscarriages. This baby-with-the-bathwater approach deals only with the end results of disease, the symptoms, completely ignoring underlying root causes that are affecting the entire body. Thus even after the surgery, cancer may reemerge elsewhere.


A bad pap need not cause such terror. Instead, it can function as a wake up call, inviting a woman to reexamine her diet, to check for possible delayed food allergies and to boost her immune system so as to fight off illness in all forms, including cancer and precancer.  Nerissa Oden says delayed food allergies were the culprit behind all her ailments since she was a teenager. Although mainstream doctors continued to imply that inherited genetics were the cause of her suffering, Oden traded their drugs and side-effect-causing medications for a cocktail of herbs, supplements and whole foods as recommended by her naturopath.

When she was diagnosed with precancer, her doctor advised a hysterectomy, but Oden decided to try and find another way to heal without the invasive and drastic measures that were being presented.

“I couldn’t emotionally handle the removal of female organs. I didn’t want to be neutered. I visited several alternative doctors looking for my natural cure and found a partner in health, a Naturopathic Physician who assured me my cells could reverse their condition with targeted supplements, homeopathy, diet and herbal products – most of which I would buy at the local health food store. Her focus was on boosting my immune system and aiding my abnormal cells in healing themselves. I followed her recommendations for five months.”

“I took another pap test and its results were normal. I’ve had normal pap results ever since! My immune system conquered that all powerful virus!”

Oden is not alone. Hundreds of women have found another way to heal themselves through changing their diets and incorporating holistic healing practices. What’s important to remember is that if the mainstream medical community fully accepted the potential of these natural cures, they would be put out of business. Their practice of surgery and drugs runs on fear – the fear they inspire in anyone who is diagnosed with precancer or cancer. If you receive a bad pap, get a second opinion from a naturopath. You may find that through a change in diet, not only will your uterus and cervix heal, but many other ailments including headaches, colds, fatigue and poor skin will also evaporate.

“I no longer experience seasonal allergies, colds or depression episodes anymore,” says Oden. “Sadly, most doctors ignore my experience and the experience of others who’ve achieved amazing health results after being tested for delayed food allergies. In a nutshell, my paradigm shift is that if doctors actually told us the root cause to most of our ailments, then we wouldn’t have a need for most of their medications or procedures.”

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