Ashley’s Story
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Ashley’s Story

Ashley’s Story

“How I Got Rid of My Chronic Acne
By Changing My Diet”

By Ashley Sinatra

Acne is a very traumatic thing to go through no matter what age, race, or gender you are. I was unfortunate to receive acne when I was fourteen and have it last into my early adulthood. Through the many years, I saw several dermatologists all eager to poke at my face and prescribe strong acne medicine. It should be no surprise that the harmful chemicals made my face worse and worse. It was not until I was seventeen when I refused to go to the dermatologists.

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I searched for several cures that would be cheap and easy. What I found were many healthy options. I started to eat healthier and drink green tea. In addition to that, I started taking supplements that before my research I had never heard of, such as evening primrose oil. I threw away pricey cleansers that irritated my face and started using a tea tree oil face wash. As part of my diet, I eliminated dairy and red meat. I also tried to eliminate as much sugar as I could.

I remember asking dermatologists if I should change what I ate and they told me what I ate had nothing to do with my acne. They were so wrong! It is our internal health that shines through to our outer appearance. I learned that pimples are not just a curse, but more of a warning from my body that I was not receiving the correct nutrients.

After many months, my face cleared and I lost fifteen pounds. When I ran into old school friends, they commented on my face and asked if I was on fancy acne medication. It is so nice to know that I was not going to just have to “grow out” of my acne. Instead, I was able to do something about it and my overall health.

Today I get a few pimples now and there. They still frustrates me beyond belief, but then I look at what I am eating and if I have been taking healthy supplements. The answer is usually no, so it reminds me to continue to be healthy.



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