Angie’s Story
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Angie’s Story

Angie’s Story

“How I Cured My Chronic Infections With Homeopathy”
by Angie Fanning

I grew up in a pretty normal American family, eating a typical American diet. I never knew much about nutrition or that what I put in my body affected me. I never considered that what I thought and my emotions could affect my health. I think I got my first bladder infection when I was 3 years old and I had them chronically my whole life. Over and over again my mom would take me to the doctor and I was prescribed antibiotics. The bladder infection would go away for a while and then would always return. No doctor in those 20 years of reoccurring bladder infections ever tried to find out why I was getting them in the first place. They all had the attitude that it was just something that happened to me for no reason. “These things just happen.”

After I graduated from college my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and I started to do some research. I had a huge awakening that nothing happens in our bodies for no reason. I realized that what we eat, how we think, how we deal with stress, and our overall mental outlook affects our health. In 2007 I had 4 bladder infections in 6 months. I was desperate to find out WHY I was getting them and not just get another dose of antibiotics. I was referred to a homeopathic doctor in Wilmington, NC named Geraldine Metzger. I knew nothing about homeopathy but I was willing to try it.

My first session with Geraldine we spent 4 hours talking about my life from the time I was in the womb until the present and how all of those experiences affected my health. I realized that I was holding a lot of emotions inside about my relationship with my parents that I had no idea were affecting me. Those negative feelings had to find a way out of my body and for me if was in the form of a bladder infection. I was given a homeopathic remedy to take once a week to help me deal with those emotions and another one to take when I started having symptoms of a bladder infection. I have not had a single bladder infection since I started seeing a homeopath in June 2007. Now this is someone who was having a bladder infection every couple of months (sometimes more) from the time I was 3 years old! It was amazing to me. If I started to feel like I was getting an infection I would take my remedy and within a day the symptoms were gone.

Around April 2008 I started getting reoccurring bacterial infections, which I’ve never had in my life. The first one I got I went to my gynecologist because I wasn’t sure what it was – I thought it was a yeast infection. When I asked him why I was getting these infections he said it was something that “just happened”. He prescribed me an $80 prescription and in 3 weeks I had another infection. I was so frustrated! I made an appointment with Geraldine and came to the realization that it was those same feelings that had caused the infections. But good things were happening – instead of the bacteria being inside my bladder it had moved to the outside of my body. It was working itself out of my body. I was making progress! Now I don’t let so much time pass between my homeopathic appointments.

I haven’t had any illness in over 3 months. Homeopathy has changed my life. I never realized how much I was holding inside until I was forced to talk about it. Being able to talk about my feelings in combination with the homeopathic remedies have made me more confident, happy, and most importantly healthy! I have had such a positive experience with Homeopathy that I feel like it could cure any reoccurring health condition that you’re battling.



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