Allison’s Story
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Allison’s Story

Allison’s Story

“Moving Forward” By Allison Melody

My mom and dad met in Chapel Hill, NC. My mom always said it was love at first sight. They got married in a whirlwind of romance and my mom had me, her first child, when she was 31.

I had a picture perfect childhood. I was an only child who could do no wrong. My parents were madly in love, and never fought. By the time I was four, they were well on their way to building their dream house and their dream life.

My mother started getting sick when I was in high school. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system literally attacks itself, leaving the body vulnerable to sickness and disease.

At first my mom felt numbness in her hands and feet, and then later she was unable to walk at all. It got worse in my college years. Doctor after doctor, drug after drug: nothing could ease her pain.

Every new month brought a new specialist and a new prescription. My mother had boxes full of medications. She had to write down each drug she took throughout the day in order to keep track of all the pills so as not to overdose. Each new drug introduced at least three new side effects. The more drugs she took, the worse her condition became.

I watched my mom grow weaker and weaker as I struggled to focus on school. She slept most of the day and when she was awake, she was in constant pain. When the pain in her stomach became unbearable, we got a new diagnosis: cancer. I was just a junior in college when I learned that my mother (and best friend) had only months to live.

More tests, more drugs and almost daily chemotherapy followed. “Curing” my mom’s cancer became my family’s full time job. But no doctor and no test could determine the cause of her cancer, and therefore no doctor and no test could determine the treatment. When we finally admitted her into a hospice, she was given so much morphine that she was only awake a few minutes a day.

My mother, the beautiful Patricia Ann Doughty Biggar passed away in 2004, one month before I graduated college.

My mother’s death hit my father hard. His soul mate, his best friend, his reason for living was gone, and no one could explain why.

I believe it was at this point in time when my father became sick with cancer, although he wasn’t diagnosed until about two years later. At the time, he was on a combination of antidepressants, cholesterol-lowering medication, and anti-anxiety pills. And drinking and smoking didn’t help.

It’s like I almost knew my father would suffer the same fate. After my mother’s death, I started reading everything I could get my hands on about natural, holistic health.

I learned that the body is designed to heal itself and will cure itself if we allow it. I read about the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, the toxins and carcinogens in our food supply, and I realized that these were the absolute and undeniable causes of my mother’s cancer and ultimately, of her death.

I lectured my father over his drinking and use of pharmaceutical drugs. I begged him to try natural methods instead of pills to cure his ailments. He brushed me off. He did not believe what I believed. If his doctor said that he was O.K., then he was O.K.

For almost two years, life seemed to get better for us. I moved to California to pursue my career in film and my father met and married my stepmom, Dorothy. I gained two stepsisters. Finally, life seemed to be going well again for my family and I.

In Los Angeles while pursuing my career in film, fate began to intervene. I suddenly began meeting people by chance that had cured themselves naturally of a multitude of diseases, from acne to cancer.

I met a woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was told she would never have children. She was now cancer free and pregnant after healing herself by juice fasting. I met a guy who lost 45 pounds and reversed his diabetes by switching to an organic plant-based diet. I met a woman who reversed her autoimmune disease Sclerderma by becoming a raw vegan. Every person I met solidified my beliefs. I knew that I was going to dedicate my life to holistic health, educating and informing people on how to cure disease.

Two and a half years after my mom died, and only months after my dad remarried, I was living in Los Angeles and got a call from my father. I’ll never forget his words: “I’m sick baby. It’s bad. Come home.”

I flew directly home. I told my dad I would save him. I told him he had to get off the drugs and drastically change his diet. He agreed to try. We visited a holistic doctor who said he could heal my father if we let him. My dad’s illness did not have to be terminal unless he chose it to be.

But my dad did not choose to change because he did not truly believe it would help. He did not stop the drugs. The same oncologist who treated my mother prescribed him more drugs, more chemotherapy and radiation. The same doctor who treated my mom told me to go home and let him die.

I lost both my parents to cancer by the time I was 25. I have no brothers and sisters, no aunt or uncles. No real family left in this world. Today instead, I lean on my close friends and step family for support. I thank God that I have good people in my life to help me through hard times.

I am telling you my story because I want you to know you don’t have to go through what I did.You don’t have to watch your loved ones suffer and die. There are natural ways to cure any degenerative, chronic, or terminal disease.

Since my parents’ deaths I have made it my passion to seek out the truth about our health care system. I have interviewed countless individuals who have healed themselves of chronic, degenerative and even “incurable diseases” without drugs. There are no incurable diseases!

I am not saying that medicine does not have it’s place. It absolutely does. However I do believe there are ways to cure diseases other than the methods that your doctor is telling you about. Your doctor just isn’t aware of them. I want to make you aware that there is ALWAYS another option. There is always another way.

The stories are out there. You just have to listen for them.

It is my deepest hope that my film inspires you to live a happy, healthy life full of vitality and longevity.



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