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Joe Cross Juiced his Way Back To Health
“The way I was living, was insanity. To bring sanity to my life I needed to move only to a plant-based diet.” In 5 months of juicing, and eating a plant-based diet Joe Cross was able to lose 100 pounds, ditch his medication and get rid of his chronic urticaria. The Director and Star of “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” shares his knowledge and wisdom on diet and a holistic approach to health. We are so glad to have Joe in our film, Food Heals!


How A Vegan Diet Changed NBS Star, John Salley’s Life
Actor, NBA Star and Wellness Advocate John Salley talks about nutrition and why he believes in a plant-based diet. “A vegan diet changed my life,” says former Detroit Piston, John Salley. After his doctor told him his eating habits were killing him, John chose to forgo their cholesterol lowering medications and instead adopted a plant-based diet. “My message I want everybody to know is: Eat a plant-based diet, or don’t. A plant-based diet keeps you alive, the other diet keeps you in the hospital.” We are honored to have John Salley in our film, Food Heals

Why is Dairy Bad For Me? Scleroderma Survivor and Nutritional Counselor, Laura Sands on Dairy
Nutritional Counselor, Scleroderma survivor, and producer and star of Food Heals, Laura Sands explains why milk does not do a body good despite what the mustache ads may be telling you! Laura answers your questions such as: What does dairy do to my body? What’s the deal with growth hormones in milk? What is the connection between dairy and disease? What are some healthy alternatives to milk? A must-see! To watch the video, click here.

Cortney Campbell Beat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Check out Cortney’s incredible account of her battle with cancer and how she healed her body with nutrition, detoxification, exercise and prayer, and rejected drugs, surgery and chemotherapy. “We believe that God gave us a fully functioning, self-healing body that when brought back to its original state can fight off malfunctioning cell growth like cancer. It will be a journey to keep the cancer away, not a destination. That is how we hope America will begin to look at health. I hope I can be an inspiration to encourage this belief.”- Corntey Campbell Click Here To Read the Full Story.

Deni Healed Herself from Lyme Disease and Breast Cancer Naturally
After being told she had 5 years to live without Western medicine intervention, Deni chose the natural route to cure her Lyme Disease and Breast Cancer. Through a juice feasting protocall she is now healthy and active. “My healing continues, today I am breast lump free now… and most of my symptoms from Lyme disease are gone, as long as I eat mostly raw foods and juice. It is all work in progress and I continue to work towards the best ME possible- I Will prevail and so can you.”- Deni  Click Here To Read the Full Story.

Cancer is Curable Now Documentary Released!
I am so excited about this documentary I have chills. It is called, “CANCER Is Curable NOW” and it provides insights about our present health system and the undeniable mistakes in treating cancer as well as holistic healing approachs to cancer. This DVD informs about all options you have for you and your family’s health in treating or preventing cancer. This is a Must-See for your friends and loved ones! Click Here To Read the Full Story.

Healing From Prostate Cancer Naturally
When Henry was 64 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Doctors offered him the options of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and chemical castration drugs. Henry declined and decided to cure himself through nutrition… Click Here To Read the Full Story.

Recover From A Bad Pap Without Surgery
For most women the “bad pap” is a dreaded harbinger of bad news. Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death for ladies all around the world. A pap smear detects abnormal cells on the cervix and rates… Click Here To Read the Full Story.

A Special Thanks to Kerri, Ashley, and Laura for having me on the K-Pod!
I had been listening to the show for weeks and then when I was invited on, I was so excited. As soon as we got on air my heart started pounding and I was so nervous, but these three ladies made feel right at home- it was just like I was having a conversation with my good girlfriends. So special thanks to Kerri, Ashley and Laura for having me on. 
Download from itunes now!

Check out Scleroderma Survivor Laura Sands on the K-Pod!
Writer/Producer Kerri Kasem (daughter of legendary Casey Kasem) and award winning author, and fitness celebrity host, Ashley Marriott host this informative, entertaining podcast covering news, relationships, health and analysis of conspiracy theories. I discovered these rock star health advocates when they had my good friend and Scleroderma survivor Laura Sands the show to discuss health, healing and diet. From iTunes: “This duo serves as a triple shot of espresso for your brain and will have you wired from the moment you hit download and play!” I couldn’t agree more ladies! Click Here To Check Out the Podcasts.

“How I Cured Myself Of Breast Cancer With NO Drugs And NO Surgery”
By Susan Insole- Just over three and a half years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer (invasive ductal carcinoma) and was advised to have a mastectomy with drug treatment afterwards. I thought this was far too drastic and so did some research on the Internet to find my own… Click Here To Read the Full Story.

“How I Detoxed my Body and Healed My Throat Infection and Skin Rash Naturally!”
By Kristie Reeves- I think the first time I encountered how alternative medicine could heal was when I was 11 years old. I had just lost my Grandfather who had been operated on for an ulcer. His conditions worsened after the first surgery… Click Here To Read the Full Story.

Authors Tout the Benefits of Conscious Eating: Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit
By Allison Biggar- In a nation where obesity numbers are skyrocketing and cancer rates are higher than ever before, books touting the benefits of a plant-based diet are, fortunately… Click Here To Read the Full Story.

Cancer Treatments and the Death of Common Sense
By Alan Wighton- We have a bizarre system in place today that says when someone is diagnosed with cancer we must subject the body to mutilating surgery, burn the body with nuclear… Click Here To Read the Full Story.

How to Prevent and Cure the Flu Naturally without a Vaccine
By Allison Biggar- “If a doctor treats your flu, it will go away in fourteen days. If you leave it alone, it will go away in two weeks,” said Gloria Silverstein. Drinking water, washing your… Click Here To Read the Full Story.

Prevent Breast Cancer with Vitamin D and a Vegan Diet
By Allison Biggar- In 1940, the risk of a woman getting breast cancer was one in 20. Today that number is one in eight. Risk factors for breast cancer include genetics, family history, and diet… Click Here To Read the Full Story.

Curing Cervical Cancer Through Raw Vegan Diet and Meditation
When Amanda Deming was diagnosed with cervical cancer she was determined to cure herself naturally through a raw vegan diet, meditation, and yoga. Without any conventional treatment she is now cancer-free… Click Here To Read the Full Story. 

Manifestation Meditation: Seven Steps To Manifestation
By Kelly Howell- You can create whatever you decide to manifest. In effect, you can create something out of nothing. You’re already manifesting the life and circumstances which currently… Click Here To Read the Full Story.

Breast Cancer Prevention: A Holistic Approach
By Allison Biggar- You may see a little more pink in the windows of department stores this month as the “pink ribbon” usually becomes the must have accessory for October. That’s because its breast cancer awareness month- a month where… Click Here To Read the Full Story.

I Beat Breast Cancer With A Vegan Diet—You Can Too!
By Elaine Sloan- I went vegan 17 years ago, after I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. I firmly believe that my healthy plant-based diet has helped keep me breast-cancer free ever since I was diagnosed… Click Here To Read the Full Story.

How Cleansing Cures Cancer: Evita Ramparte’s Story
By Allison Biggar- The relationship between unhealthy eating and the development of disease is undeniable. When most people get a cancer diagnosis their doctors are quick to prescribe drugs and harsh treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. All of these treatments have a harrowing effect on the body opening it up to a whole host of other problems. Watch Evita’s video online now!

Ten Tips to help you Go Vegan
By Heather Moore- Over the summer, the American Dietetic Association (ADA) updated its position paper in support of vegetarianism. The ADA has long stated that appropriately-planned vegetarian and vegan diets are appropriate for individuals at every stage of the life-cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, but its new paper focuses more on bone health, vegetarian nutrition, and disease prevention. To read the rest click here!



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